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Every day, homeless people are welcome in the Kruispunt living room. The door is open from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM.
From approximately 4:45 PM there is a hot meal for € 1.
Kruispunt is closed on Sunday afternoon.

You can come by for a meal, warmth, conversation, internet, games or just nothing.
Kruispunt is a resting point for our visitors. You can be yourself, you don’t have to do anything. Just a warm roof over your head, a safe haven. Everyone is welcome.

We have a chat and offer a place to sit for a while. If necessary, we will put you in touch with the right care provider. Together we look for possibilities and opportunities for growth, despite the difficult circumstances.

Our employees receive homeless people at the front door of Kruispunt. Sometimes you have to wait a while because the room is full of people.
There is coffee, tea and bread in the morning and a hot meal in the evening.
The hostess/host and the volunteers ensure that the atmosphere in the room remains good and that all activities run smoothly.

There are pastors where you can go for a conversation or referral to care providers. Every week these care providers have consultation hours in Kruispunt.

About 3 times a month there is a short celebration (Christian-humanist) on Saturday evening. Afterwards there is free soup and bread.

Kruispunt is a living room for homeless people and is only open during the day.
Kruispunt does not offer night shelter or sleeping places.
Kruispunt cannot arrange sleeping places or night shelter.

For a place to sleep you can report to De Duif night shelter, in the same building as Kruispunt. You can find more information at >

From Monday to Friday, visitors can get a hot meal for 1 euro, from 4:45 PM at the earliest.

The meals are cooked by the cooking groups; its members do this with great pleasure. They determine the menu, do the shopping and pay for it.
The cooking groups consist of volunteers from various church and social organizations and service clubs from the region.

Are you from Eastern European and do you need help because you have lost your job and housing?
Do you wish to return to your home country, but have not enough money to do this? Then you can contact Stichting Barka.
Employees of Barka visit Kruispunt on a weekly basis (Tuesday morning) to support our visitors.

Kruispunt cannot help you to find a job or housing in the Netherlands. But you can use our telephone and computers to find work or housing. During opening hours we have coffee and a meal available.
Kruispunt wants to be a respite for everybody, including Eastern European people.

7 hostesses and hosts take turns during the walk-in. They are employed by Kruispunt; they receive visitors and also arrange the tasks of the volunteers.

Usually there is a pastor present during opening hours. These are Pieter van der Toorn and Nienke van Ittersum. They offer help, information or just a conversation. A conversation about meaning can also help to provide structure and support; they do not impose a particular faith.

There is always at least one volunteer working during the walk-in. They make coffee, do the dishes and work in the kitchen and at the bar.
There are many people who voluntarily help at Kruispunt. Without the work they do every day, Kruispunt cannot exist.

Often there are interns at the Kruispunt. These are secondary school students who are completing their social internship and students who are conducting research or gaining experience for their training as a spiritual counselor or care provider.

Board of the Foundation
The board members visit regularly; they are very involved with Kruispunt.

Consultation hours of the care providers

Tuesday morning: Barka Foundation (for migrant workers from Eastern Europe).

Wednesday morning: GGD emergency services.

Thursday morning: nurses from the GGD.

These care providers are usually there between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.
The pastors can also contact the care providers outside these consultation hours.

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